Hopefully by now you’re making active use of video marketing in your overall brand-building scheme. Video is one of the most valuable tools at the disposal of any business in today’s market, and it is easier than ever to produce professional-looking and engaging visual media. However, you may not be aware of how to use video to its fullest potential. Video isn’t just a way to get your brand out there; it can be used to boost your return on investment and generate leads. Here are some best practices for using video to increase lead generation.

Using Video to Increase Lead Generation

Videos aren’t just a way to build your brand and get information and content to your customers. They can offer a measurable means by which you can tie visual media to ROI in your business. They can be used to increase awareness of your brand, to solicit information from potential leads, and engage those who may not even know they’re looking for a service like yours. Optimizing your videos is a great way to increase your lead generation strategy.

The Email Gate

The email gate is a great, simple way to use videos to generate leads. By asking viewers to enter an email address to watch your video, you are building a mailing list of potential clients. It’s important to remember, however, that doing this requires your viewers to buy in, and there are those who are turned off by this requirement. Thus, it can be a good idea to make entering the email optional, with a “No thanks, just take me to the video” link also available.

Another option is to offer un-gated material with enhanced or extended videos available following a gate. This is a great way to encourage new clients to enjoy what you’ve got to offer and still get you their contact information for follow-up.


YouTube videos allow you to create annotations, or pop-up captions that appear during the video. These annotations can be made clickable, which can encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, contact you for more information, or visit your site. Keep them non-intrusive and interesting, and always include a call to action.

Embedded Forms

Another tool that is not used often enough is the embedded form. It’s now possible, in addition to clickable links, to embed a pop-out contact form via a call to action. Viewers who are interested can fill out a simple form which uploads directly to your database, making it very easy to build a mailing list of potential leads.

Many of these methods require intermediate to advanced knowledge of using the many tools available to video marketers today. If you have neither the time nor the training to use these tools, but still want to maximize your video lead generation, professional video content marketing services can be a big help.

If this seems like something you might want to explore, take a minute to look at our information about video content marketing, and contact us today for answers to any questions you might have.