For many of us, speaking on-camera can be a challenging experience. For others, the process is natural and effortless. If you truly want to connect and engage with your audience, follow these five simple tips when preparing to appear on camera for your business video:

1. Make eye contact. Whether the video concept involves a single person speaking directly into a camera or consists of a one-on-one interview format, maintaining eye contact makes you look more authoritative, confident, and believable. Those with shifty eyes either in front of the camera or with the interviewer can often be mistaken for dishonest, disinterested, or unknowledgeable about the product. To build the viewer’s trust, maintain regular eye contact.

2. Watch the hands. Many of us tend to “talk with our hands.” To appear more confident and professional on-camera, keeping the hand gestures to a minimum. Steady hands builds trust and doesn’t distract the viewer from hearing the true message.

3. Be prepared. The best videos are those that appear natural and smooth-flowing, but the key is advance preparation. Have a script or notes ready that cover the points you want to highlight in the video. A teleprompter will allow you to speak effortlessly while maintaining a relaxed, confident appearance.

4. Don’t slouch. Whether sitting or standing, always watch your posture. Slouching appears exaggerated on camera. Maintaining proper posture also improves our confidence on a subconscious level, positively affecting how we speak and come across on-camera.

6. Appearance matters. Make sure that you look the part. Dress appropriately for the image that your company portrays. When you look good, you feel good, and your confidence will come across on camera.

Speaking on camera can be downright nerve-racking for many people. Just relax and be yourself. And don’t be afraid to insert a bit of your sparkling personality into the video. Dry deliveries and uncomfortable speakers will likely result in viewers moving on before the key messages are conveyed. Keep these five simple tips in mind, and your Atlanta video productions will be off to a winning start.