Send your customers a personalized holiday video this season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!…the time of year when you get adorable little Christmas cards from distant relatives, as well as piles of ‘Seasons Greetings’ postcards from every other corporation that you know. The thing about those company postcards, though, is that they tend to end up in the trash pretty quickly. That’s kind of a waste of paper and ink, wouldn’t you say?

Why not send a personalized video instead? Sending each of your customers a personalized Happy Holiday video like this one can have a long-lasting impact on your reputation, perhaps even for years to come if done creatively and delivered effectively! Personalized video is a great way to capture someone’s attention; and with the winter season almost here, maybe it’s time to take your holiday greetings to the next level – and save some paper at the same time!

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Personalized Video GIF of Revolving Names 3
Initial campaigns reveal over 72% email open rate
Initial campaigns reveal over 44% CTR
Over 96% video engagement on initial personalized video campaigns

A personalized greeting can place someone’s name right into the video that they’re going to receive. (The example above is generic, of course.) And names aren’t the limit: we can include email addresses, past purchases – virtually any information from your database! You can order one of our pre-made packages, or talk to us about creating something customized for your company. Find out more about personalized video, or get started today!