March and April may seem far ahead to some people, but if you’ve been in the trade-show business before then you know: the time to prepare is yesterday. You may even have a checklist already prepared, going through all sorts of necessary eye-catchers and instructional materials – from gigantic banners and tablecloths to full-color brochures and a jar for your business card lottery. But if a video isn’t on that checklist, then you’re going to be missing out. Whether you’ve never considered bringing a video before, or whether no one has sold you on the idea yet, there are some powerful reasons to consider adding it to your checklist.

1. Eye Candy

Think for a second about why you ordered those nice glossy banners; those crisp new pamphlets; those matching name tags with your company logo on them. In short? To attract attention. Bright colors, streamlined graphic design, corporate unity… all that, plus motion and music, comes with displaying a video at your trade-show booth. A video can attract viewers from afar, and it can communicate more to them with less effort on both sides: your industry, your company culture, your accomplishments – they can glimpse it all in just a few frames. “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” remember?

2. Increased Engagement

The truth is, at some trade-shows there are just too many booths or too many people to have a meaningful interaction with every single one. Some prospects will be in a rush, and some might even be on the shy side (yes, even at trade-shows. Networking doesn’t come naturally to everybody). If you have a video playing at your booth – particularly one with some nice closed-captions so that the volume doesn’t drown out the rest of the floor – it will provide a nice alternative way for visitors to learn about your company before you interact face-to-face. This can be especially helpful if your booth is swamped with newcomers; a video will entertain and inform anyone who’s unsure about whether they want to wait in line.

3. Boosted Status

As Google learned and implemented in their latest SEO algorithm, video content represents a lot more effort, expertise, and financial capability than a page of words can. Whenever you see a company that has video at their trade-show booth, you can tell that they’re prepared, they’re serious, and their service is probably as high-quality as that video itself. Believe it or not, your video is a golden ticket to a higher opinion.

There are all sorts of videos that you can choose to display at your trade-show booth – from a product demo that might get distributors talking, to a corporate identity piece that tells plenty about your culture and products at a single glance. If you’re interested in blowing the socks off of the attendees at your next trade-show or conference, talk to a video marketing expert about preparing the perfect video today.