As a video production company, we were thrilled that our action-packed city had some extra excitement this past spring.  The NCAA decided to stage all three divisions of the men’s basketball finals on the same weekend and all in Atlanta.  This unprecedented move was taken to celebrate the 75th anniversary of NCAA men’s basketball championships.

The Final Four weekend in April saw the crowning of the 2013 national champions for all three Divisions.  The Division I Men’s Final Four was held April 6th and 8th in the Georgia Dome.  Divisions II and III finals were held on April 7th in nearby Philips Arena.

“We’re looking to create a bit of history and really allow more and more  people to see all three championships at the same time,” NCAA executive vice  president for championships Mark Lewis said.

To commemorate the anniversary year, the NCAA called upon Optimum Productions to provide production support and film crews for a fun Atlanta video production project — create a documentary of the Division II teams that made it to the Final Four.  Our camera crew didn’t hesitate to take on this assignment!

Shooting (with cameras, not just basketballs) occurred over five days.  We spent Thursday to Monday capturing the sights and sounds of excited fans, concerts, press conferences, team dinners, practices, and of course the games.  We also captured the Divison II teammates enjoying the Final Four excitement of the Division I games.

You can imagine how great it was for us to be court side at this national sports event, up close to the athletic talent on the court.  This project didn’t call upon us to handle post-production, so we handed off the ball (raw video footage) for others to edit into the final product.  The video should be coming out on in a couple of weeks, and when it does, we’ll check back in with you on our blog to pass on the link.