Hello and happy 2014 everyone! I hope that the 2013 you all had was a great year and you’re really looking forward to an even bigger and brighter 2014. So we’ve got a lot of changes coming up in 2014 that we want share with you. And the first thing is that we’re kind of going through a little bit of a rebrand: a new logo, and a new website. We’re also going to be getting a new office because, well, we’re really busting at the seams. In the last year, we’ve really grown a lot and we have a lot of new fresh faces that are bringing on a tremendous amount of talent and experience to our team, and that’s going to continue through 2014.

One of the other exciting things on top of getting the offices is that we’re going to be building now a new video studio. It’s a decent size place, but we’re going to be able to produce a lot of different content, a lot easier and a lot quicker for all of our clients. And it’s also going to feed into our strategy for 2014 in producing more video blogs like this and articles, and other video content that we’re going to be sharing with you throughout the rest of this year.

So get excited about 2014. If you’re watching this on Facebook, like it. If you’re watching it on our blog, subscribe to the blog, share it, tweet it, pin it, whatever it, do it. We love it when you engage with us!

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