Digital tools just don’t psych people up like a swanky new shoe or office chair. So, when the marketing team at CHEQ decided that they needed a new SaaS B2B product video, they had their work cut out for them. Soon a bold idea came to them– but the execution would prove vital to its success.

This project would require clarity in its message; attention to detail; cutting edge creative work; and fearless outside-the-box thinking.

CHEQ’s team was looking for a B2B video agency that would create something high-in-quality, which would match their creative vision.

Enter Optimum Productions.


B2B companies aren’t exactly known for creative marketing videos. They may produce content, but it has a tendency to be very informational. SaaS (Software as a Service) companies are in a similar boat.

Standard SaaS product videos have to explain a highly complicated, often specialized product.

There’s no time for fun, given all the educational content that has to be communicated. Or at least, that’s the common assumption amongst SaaS companies, as well as many other B2B enterprises.

CHEQ wanted to throw out that stereotype and create something unique.

CHEQ specializes in autonomous brand safety. They provide businesses with anti-fraud solutions across multiple devices. That way, bots aren’t able to click on a company’s paid ads and charge the company for a fake impression that might be unviewable, and unsafe. CHEQ’s message, at its core, is that they block invalid traffic. So for this video, they focused solely on that message and sought to make it more entertaining than educational.

More thorough information could come in later content, for leads who wandered further down the sales funnel. But for a worldwide audience, CHEQ just wanted to introduce themselves.

This video is meant to be memorable, and it trusts in its audience’s intelligence.

To outsiders who know little about ad fraud reduction, it’s a brief and entertaining diversion…and CHEQ is a company they’ll likely remember if ever they do enter the same field.

For anyone in the business of autonomous brand safety, CHEQ will now be very difficult to forget. And that’s the point.


Daring to aim for humor over informational volume in marketing videos is by no means a new idea, but it’s still not widely accepted in the B2B world. The main reason for this is because so many humorous videos fall flat, or don’t seem to deliver the results companies longed for.

The key for CHEQ was to cut out excess information, but still deliver a clear message: that they are unparalleled at autonomous brand safety.

Thus, it didn’t take long for the CHEQ team to set their sights on Dikembe Mutombo, an unparalleled defensive blocker, as the company’s perfect spokesman.

If there’s one thing Dikembe Mutombo knows…it’s how to block things.

The famed Mr. Mutombo is considered to be one of the greatest defensive players in the history of the NBA – and his signature finger wag has often accompanied several brutal shutdowns of attempts by his opponents to get near his hoop.

That’s why CHEQ decided that he should star in their latest B2B product video, as their newly-appointed Chief Blocking Officer. He would show off his knowledge of all things blocking-related: from wood blocks to chopping blocks to writer’s…um…well, something.

The partnership seemed like a match made in heaven. However, it would all be for naught unless CHEQ and Optimum Productions could execute their vision.

Production would either make or break this B2B product video.


CHEQ’s concept was gutsy, but their deadline was even more so. Dikembe is a very busy, very successful celebrity and charitable entrepreneur, so he can’t exactly ‘block’ off a full week of his calendar for a video shoot…no pun intended.

The entire production would star Mr. Mutombo…but it could take up no more than one single day of his time.

And adding to the time crunch, CHEQ’s location in Tel Aviv, Israel would mean communication would need to occur across a seven-hour time difference.

Everything had to be meticulously planned, from the custom-pink CHEQ jersey, to the magical wizard’s staff, all the way down to the last solitary Jenga® block.

The entire video shoot would take place in Optimum’s Atlanta-based studio, and would be made possible thanks to the magic that is greenscreen.

Any and all props, whether bought or built, were meticulously labeled and categorized. Perhaps most importantly, the directors and producers had mapped out every second of filming time, and marked milestones on the schedule when each individual scene would need to be finished in order to fit all the others into the remainder of the day.

Eleven different sets, all with unique props and costumes, needed to rotate seamlessly on the big day.

When Mr. Mutombo and the CHEQ team finally descended on Atlanta in a whirlwind, the clock was ticking…but everything was prepared.


The props and the schedule weren’t the only elements of this shoot that had to be double and triple-checked, either. Every single shot and every single scene was arranged ahead of time: furniture and lights and cameras and all.

Normally this wouldn’t be much of a monumental task…but given Dikembe Mutombo’s height and the intricate identical placement of his person that was required from scene to scene, there wasn’t much room for error.

The team actually created a C-Stand mannequin to match Dikembe Mutombo’s height so they could set up the cameras and every shot accordingly.

Tables and stools had to have apple boxes placed underneath in order to reach an acceptable height on the screen, so any and all props would be visible.

A square of yellow tape was even added to the camera viewfinder. For every shot, Dikembe’s head had to be exactly inside of it. If it wasn’t, the video’s jumps from shot to shot would feel too disjointed.

But how could we know if the scenes would fit with their different backgrounds? Well, we had collected those shots in advance, too.

The search for greenscreen backgrounds usually happens after a shoot…but not this shoot.

The crew set up a large TV next to the set, then used live-keying software to display the video feed in real time, with whatever backgrounds we had selected. This way, we could create almost a complete picture of each shot before the dawn of the big day.

By the time our star arrived, the entire studio was tailored for him.

And, thanks to all that planning, the entire production was completed in a single day.


When it comes to video marketing, you can and should have S.M.A.R.T. goals to strive for. And that, of course, means you need to have the means to measure your progress toward said goals.

Since CHEQ’s main goal was exposure, shares and views were going to be their top metrics to monitor.

To prepare the public and build anticipation, hints about Dikembe’s involvement with CHEQ were teased on the company’s website in the weeks leading up to the video’s release to the public. The full launch of the SaaS product video finally occurred on Monday, January 17th.

“When CHEQ approached me with the idea of becoming Chief Blocking Officer, I immediately was intrigued,” Mr. Mutombo said in one of his interviews after the video’s unveiling. “This isn’t just another celebrity endorsement deal. It really is the perfect match of spokesman and company offering. I’m proud to be on the CHEQ team.”

Publications like Adweek picked up the story, and The Drum named CHEQ as the Ad Fraud Solution of the Year at the 2019 Drum Digital Advertising Awards. Both organizations, and many more, pushed the video ever further.

In just a few months, the video has garnered over 300k views across multiple hosting platforms, with Facebook accounting for more than 250k views alone.

Measuring the results of the campaign, from video views to clicks to conversions, has been a vital tactic for CHEQ’s marketing team.

Analytics like these can tell them precisely how much of the video is getting watched, which will play into the numbers game of determining just how much future revenues can be attributed to the campaign.

In this case, the numbers are an encouraging sign that their gutsy concept is paying off. More importantly, their B2B product video has sent a clear message to other companies in similar fields.

B2B doesn’t have to be boring.

This video has shown that when it comes to their marketing content, B2B and SaaS companies can finally let their hair down.

Should they throw everything out the window for the sake of humor? Absolutely not. But if they nail down a cohesive message and set S.M.A.R.T. goals for themselves, they can blow away the competition and be the next to release a showstopper of a video.

Dikembe Mutombo certainly stopped the show this time. Or, should we say…blocked it.