In 2012, 75 percent of television owners in the U.S. were reported to have an HD TV. However, due to speculation regarding their price and a lack of knowledge on how the system works, there are still people who are not yet ready to ditch their extremely outdated analog or regular digital TVs for these techno-savvy devices. Below are just some of the reasons why high-definition TVs are far superior and why those who already own them will never look back:


When the very first high-definition TV hit the market in 1998, consumers immediately noticed the much better motion picture-quality compared to analog and regular digital TVs. No longer did you have to worry about fuzzy pictures or blurry images, and the colors finally popped. This particular feature is brought on by the fact that high-definition TVs use digital formatting for broadcasting TV programming and viewing. In addition, high-definition TVs have horizontal pixels with more than two million resolution pixels per image. This is compared to the 210,000 pixels provided by standard TVs and why most Atlanta video production companies, like Optimum Productions, provide you with HD services to ensure your videos are lucid and of the highest quality possible.

Widescreen Format for Wider Viewing

High-definition films and programming are presented in 16:9 widescreen ratios. Not only does this give you a fantastic view, but it also makes the colors appear more vivid with the greater bandwidth. So what happens when you have a 4:3 TV show? You can always zoom the image to fill the screen and still retain the high-quality pictures.

Progressive Scanning

With progressive scanning in high-definition TVs, you are able to see all the pictures in a single frame, which ultimately yields sharp images. Unlike outdated traditional TVs that have interweaved signals with horizontal lines on a single frame and the other lines on another, high-definition TVs combine them. This progressive scanning allows you to enjoy clear and sharp motion.

Perfect Images

High-definition TVs take your viewing to another dimension. They use digital formatting for broadcasting, which eliminates the snow and fuzz you used to see on older analog TVs.

Multi-level Entertainment

With high-definition TVs, you are able to enjoy surround sound and the ability to use a variety of input features. Your TV is compatible with a number of other devices, such as DVD players and video game systems, to enable you to inter-use them at the same time. In 2012, 56 percent of U.S. TV owners were reported to play with video game systems, and most likely, all of that 56 percent would admit they’d prefer to play their brand-new video game on an HD TV.

The best way to enjoy your home TV viewing experience is by investing in a high-definition TV. The many benefits one would offer you over a traditional TV make the higher ticket price well worth it. In addition, if you work with a company for video production services, make sure to produce content for TVs that is in high definition because according to aforementioned statistics, the majority of Americans will be able to best enjoy your final product!