As you face another year of business, consider enhancing your online presence by adding video to your website. If you already have a video component, perhaps it is time for a revamp or a minor tweak to sharpen your message and enhance your image.

Tap Into the Power of Corporate Video

Thanks partly to the YouTube phenomenon (taking the lead with more than one billion monthly visitors), there has been an explosion of video sharing online. With the sophisticated mobile apps being introduced at a mind-boggling rate, this number is only bound to increase in the future.

At the moment, the great majority of these shared videos come from amateurs; individuals who boldly claim their 15 minutes of fame online with the help of a smartphone or other such connected device and a willing subject or two. Increasingly however, small and medium-sized companies alike (and even major corporations) are discovering the power behind a shared video – especially when they go viral.

With the click of a mouse, a video bearing your logo and message can zoom across continents and oceans. Imagine this happening literally millions of times a day and you can see what a truly share-worthy video can do for your business.

There are a number of corporate video production companies that can help you come up with an online video for your company. Choose well. Ask a lot of questions and find out if they really know what they’re doing.

A good video is only the beginning. The corporate video production company that you choose has to be able to craft a clear, complete and concise Internet marketing strategy for you as well. Admittedly, an online video can be a powerful aspect of your strategy especially when it is well done; but it nevertheless needs the support and steady base of a solid marketing campaign to succeed.