One of the most exciting features in our Thought Leadership package is our analytics. We believe that videos need to be actionable – and I don’t just mean building in calls to action in the videos, which are crucially important – but having the right information to act on after a viewer has watched your video. Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about:

You just went to a tradeshow, had great success generating leads from a booth, and even gave a presentation to a group of attendees. (To keep this illustration simple, you have 100 new leads.) So, you get home and send out a post-tradeshow email with your product offering, and you net a 3% conversion rate. You now have 3 qualified and engaged leads that you can put into your sales cycle. Great… but what about the other 97%? Sure, you tracked some email opens and click-throughs to a landing page, but how engaged are they? Click-through rates, open rates, and bounce rates can give you a little bit of an idea, but it’s not conclusive. Imagine this scenario – a lead gets your email, opens your email, clicks through to your landing page, then gets a phone call, leaves a browser open for 10 minutes, then closes it up as they run off to a meeting. OR, maybe they actually read everything, but don’t follow through with your call to action. Current analytics would show both of these scenarios as “engaged.”

Unfortunately, these analytics can’t tell you if people are engaging with your content or not. All you know is that clicks have happened – which is a good thing, but there is a bunch of incredibly helpful data that is hidden and locked away. Our smart video platform is the key to discovering this data and unlocking this box.

Our smart video platform gives you huge insights on viewer engagement – down to the individual user. So, that 97% who didn’t respond but some clicked through – guess what? You can now see how much of your video they watched. Maybe they repeated it. Now you can score these leads higher and have much more relevant information to make decisions with. This is precisely why videos and our smart video platform will replace or augment most types of content, including white papers, blogs, case-studies, ebooks, and a bunch of other types of content. It’s no longer a secret. Now your videos can be even more actionable with our Smart Video Platform, which is available at the Optimum Thought Leadership Series Package level.

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