Video making is as much an artistic endeavor as it is a technical one. Composing the various elements of a shot, adding special effects and editing the final cut require both creative and technological know-how. As a seasoned Atlanta video production company, we take great pride in our skills in both arenas. Our ability to use our knowledge and expertise as artists and video technicians means the Atlanta corporate videos that we produce for our clients are of top-notch professional quality.

Some technical tools are especially desirable for Atlanta videographers because they give filmmakers the ability to take difficult and even otherwise impossible shots. At the same time, they give them the freedom and capability to explore uncharted creative waters. The Steadicam is one such tool.

What a Steadicam Does

In essence, the Steadicam is a portable device that isolates the camera from the movements of the operator to improve its balance and minimize shakes and shocks. The mark of many amateur videos is the wobbly shot as the camera operator follows a moving subject. With a Steadicam, the camera (with a battery and a monitor) is positioned on a sled that is attached to an articulated arm. The sled provides the balance while the articulated arms act as a shock absorber. The arm is further attached to a vest that the operator wears in order to reduce held weight. Both the arm serves to isolate the camera from the body and movements of the operator, thus ensuring a smooth, fluid shot.

Its Benefits

Aside from virtually eliminating wobble, the Steadicam also gives the filmmaker heightened access and increased mobility. Unlike a dolly, a Steadicam is smaller and more agile. It can make sharp turns and fit into narrow spaces without missing a beat or recording a single shaky frame.

Although it is not a lightweight instrument (the vest alone can weigh up to 75 pounds), the Steadicam is nevertheless quite portable. It is also easy to set up can be handled by a single operator.

A boon to the industry and creativity boost, the Steadicam is a favorite instrument of many professional video and filmmakers.

Optimum Productions offers expert Atlanta video editing as well as a wide range of video production services. We can assist you with scriptwriting, motion graphics, closed and open captioning and post-production. Trust your Atlanta business video to us. As a successful and innovative Atlanta film production company, we’ll make sure your corporate video is a smooth, professional production all the way through.