Last week we talked about why you need video testimonials. In this video we are going to talk about four ways to get more use out of your testimonial videos.

Consider this scenario – you have a great client who thinks you are the greatest thing since the invention of the Flowbee. You realize the timing is perfect to capture their excitement and praise for your organization. So what do you do? You need to get the video produced… now what? Well, normally most companies would upload the video on YouTube, and embed it somewhere on the company website and then… done. It just sits there all by itself. Sad, but true. There are a lot of major missed opportunities, but that’s OK because we’re about to remedy that.

Here are four powerful uses for your customer testimonials:

#1 – Post It

This is a given. Put it on your website, but in multiple places. So for example, put it on the homepage of your website as well as a page talking about the relevant product or services. If you have more than one testimonial, put them all on a general customer testimonial page.

#2 – Blog It

Now that your video is up on your site in one or more places, write a blog about the customer testimonial so that your subscribers can learn about how great you are from your customers.

#3 – Present It

Customer testimonial videos are an awesome resource for the sales process. You can send out these videos to prospective customers. Use them inside a sales presentation. You can even use them as video references in your sales proposal.

#4 – Recycle It

Create additional videos using the customer testimonial footage that you already have. Here are a couple of different examples. You could create a montage of all the testimonials in one video. Pull sound bites or snippets of the testimonials into sales solutions videos, or use them in a corporate overview video. The ideas are really endless.

Now, these are just a FEW ways to get more mileage out of your video testimonials. The goal is really to take your investment into this type of video and get the most out of it. For more tips, tricks, and techniques about how to get the most out of your videos, sign up for our Optimum Guide to Video Marketing or give us a call today!