I love the title of this video because it reminds me of Mel Brooks’ movie, The History of the World Part I. You know that part where Mel Brooks comes down Mount Sinai with 15 commandments, accidentally drops one tablet, and then says “10 – I have 10 commandments!” I can relate (to a degree) because I originally had ten ‘Video Commandments’ but decided to cut it down to five for brevity.

If you feel so compelled to produce a video or series of videos (which you should), I have a few tips to help you get the best return from your investment. I give you, Danny’s 5 Video Commandments!

#1 – Start With the End.

A good video has an end game. A goal. A purpose. That needs to be figured out first before turning on the camera.  

#2 – Measure Your Results.

Any good marketing tactic or strategy needs to be measured. Figure out how to measure your video – whether it’s views, forms filled out, phone calls, etc.  

#3 – K.I.S.S.

“Keep it simple, stupid.” We’ve all heard this. Don’t overcomplicate things… and that’s it.
#4 – Plan It Out.

There is nothing worse than an unplanned video shot from the hip. Think things through and you’ll be amazed at the difference

#5 – Use a Professional Video Production Company.

I’m sure you didn’t see that one coming. If you run a legit operation, you need a professional firm who can execute. ‘First Rodeo Productions’ is not a good fit.  

So in a nutshell, if you’re going to invest in video make sure that you follow these five commandments to ensure that you get a great return!

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