Today I want to cover a few ideas from the video production “front line” that will help you in the planning phase, before you roll the cameras on your next corporate video.

1. Ask Yourself Five Important Questions
Ever take Journalism 101? If so, you learned every story should answer the questions, “Who” “What?” Why?” When?” and “How?” To produce a great video series, just start by asking one of these from your potential customer’s point of view. For example, “Who?” is your viewer. Is this an executive, or perhaps a current customer? “What?” Well, what’s important to this customer? And what information can you give them, that they’re going to find to be relevant? “Why?” Or in other words, what’s the goal? Is it to generate leads, or is it to solve a problem? “When?” IS there time-sensitive information, or when will the video’s information be most relevant to your customer? And of course, “How?” What’s the best way of communicating this information? Maybe it’s a motion graphic, or some type of an interview.

2. Authenticity
What perception do you want the viewer to have of your company after watching your video? This will influence the style, look and feel of your video. Be genuine, reflect the true nature of your product, and speak to your target audience in their language.

3. One Cook in the Kitchen
This is super important on any project, but especially when working with a professional video production company. You’ll get better consistency, clarity and have more cash left over if you have a single “point person” to gather feedback, provide specs, and handle approvals throughout the project. Remember, you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen on the video production process.

4. Keep it Short and Sweet
Where is your audience viewing your video and how long will they actually watch it? Yes, the length of the spot will depend on the purpose of the video, but if you don’t capture their interest in a big way, or get to the point quickly and concisely, viewers will tap their mouse and be off again before you can say “Wait, this next part is really awesome!!” If you put your video up on YouTube for example, you’ll be competing with funny cat videos.

5. Leave No Doubt
Ultimately, what message do you want to get across, and what action do you want them to take? Convey it clearly, concisely, and make it as easy as possible for them to take the next step.

Those are just a few of the ideas I wanted to share with you today. When you are ready to get started on your next video production, you can call us and we’ll help you dive in! And for more tips, tricks, and techniques about how to get the most out of your videos, sign up for our Optimum Guide to Video Marketing today!