There’s a lot of jokes about how creatives have it easy, supposedly spending all day at home in their pajamas because they’re “just creating art.”

I wish.

There’s actually more hard work involved in videos — especially video marketing — than that. Our work makes people go and do something, and that takes professional skill. So, I went to a video conference in California not long ago and came back with five important points to remember if you want to make a video or video series. Here’s what they are:

#1 – Generate a Strategy.

Set goals for yourself: where you’re going to post your video, what you want to inspire, who you want to inspire. Pick a direction before you get started and get lost.

#2 – Create Great Content.

This basically means two things: your material has to be relevant, so know your audience and their pain points. Once you do, then be creative. Let the ideas flow, and don’t be afraid to get a little edgy; audiences appreciate companies are more open and candid versus pushing the kool-aid.

#3 – Tell a Better Story.

When you were a kid, your parents may have told you, “Don’t lie,” but they probably also told you the story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Stories are digestible and help us understand real-world applications. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a story is worth a thousand bullet points.

#4 – Keep Things Fresh.

The one constant in life is change. If you want to keep viewers engaged, you have to keep your content fresh. Make sure your customers are still interested in what you’re doing. If they’re over it, change it up.

#5 – Measurement.

If you are ever involved in any sort of business ever, you’re going to be expected to show results of some kind. Set goals so that you can see whether you’ve made something worth the dollars you paid.

Take it from me. These five tips from the professionals can take your videos to the next level — whether you’re in an office, or at home in your pajamas.

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