You’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort on your marketing video. You’re likely quite proud of it and are getting the most out of the production, sharing it everywhere you can. But what about when the initial media blast is done? You don’t want to just let it sit and languish, never to be of use again. One of the biggest challenges many marketing schemes face is how to get repeated use from a video. Here are five clever ways to repurpose your video content for repeated use and value.

1. Transcripts of Content

Every time you make a video, the first thing you should do is get a transcript of it ready to go. If it was a scripted production, this is as easy as keeping the script handy. The same goes if you have a narration.

This transcript can be re-used either in totem or in parts as blog posts, social media updates or articles on your websites. It can also be used to create talking points or to increase your SEO rankings where your video is posted. Video-to-text transcripts are one of the most valuable ways to re-use that content.

2. Blooper Reels

Did you create a detailed video with advanced production? If so, people love bloopers and outtakes. Including a reel of video outtakes can draw a lot of extra views. If the bloopers are particularly amusing, more folks may seek out the original video to see what information it contains. Bloopers help to show the human side of your business. More than just entertainment, they make you appear approachable and fun.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts are wildly popular and should be a solid part of any marketing scheme. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a podcast is basically an audio blog or a sort of Internet radio talk show.

Turning your video into a high quality podcast can be as simple as pulling the audio track off and posting it without the video. Sometimes a bit of minor editing or bridging narration may be needed, but the end result will help your marketing.

4. Make it a Series

After the initial, long posting, why not chop the video up into “chapters,” each of which showcases a different talking point? You can then use these shorter videos to grab viewers’ attention and focus your marketing onto specific issues. The overall presentation then becomes a series of bite-sized talking points.

People tend to have short attention spans online—in fact, most YouTube videos are less than five minutes long. The more digestible you can make your chunks, the more hits you’ll get.

5. Slideshow

Pull still frames from your video and combine them with bullet points a la a PowerPoint presentation, and post an informative slide show. This is the best of all worlds, combining video, audio and text information for a true multimedia presentation of who you are and what you do.

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