Have you ever had a project that you had plenty of time to complete, so you just put it off for a while? I vividly remember my 4th grade science fair project, which I only remembered to do the night before. I broke out into a feverish cold sweat, drumming up half-baked cockamamie ideas and desperately tried to put something together – and this was before the internet, mind you.

Don’t you hate that feeling?

Planning is key. People think that the wildly-successful viral videos on YouTube ALL happened by chance or because the content was THAT good. While sometimes, that’s the case, most of the time… it isn’t. And when it comes to B2B videos, it’s even rarer. Having good content is only one side of the equation. Having a plan to actually syndicate your videos is the other. Make your audience aware of what you have, otherwise it will just sit there collecting dust.  

Putting your video onto your corporate website is a good start, but don’t stop there and expect the internet to do the rest. You actually have to market your marketing video! Place the video in high traffic areas and attract visitors to it.  Some great ideas are:

#1 – Email

Send your video out to your email list. They’re subscribed to you: they want to hear from you. So send it to them. There’s nothing like a willing audience.

#2 – Social Media

Publish it on social media and pay for advertising.  Facebook and LinkedIn have great tools for this.

#3 -Publications

Send it to publications or associations to have it promoted through their networks. They’re always looking for great content.

#4 – Company Intranet

Share with your own company. Need I say more?

These are just a few ideas, but it all starts with a basic plan of attack. Otherwise, you may end up feeling like my 4th grade self scrambling to pull things together at the last second.

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