Facebook has begun aggressively rolling out its new auto-play video ads to its more than one billion customers across the globe. The new video format allows ads to automatically play in a user’s newsfeed—but without sound, to the delight of customers and the chagrin of marketers.

This is only the first step in Facebook’s new video ad scheme. Our Atlanta business video team believes that Facebook is coming directly after YouTube by allowing consumers to watch advertisements at will. They’ve also taken a page from Hulu, allowing viewers to select the advertisement they want to watch.

Facebook’s ultimate goal seems to be to create a less invasive ad experience than the one YouTube currently employs. Users can easily scroll past ads in their newsfeed and the ads they do experience are targeted using Facebook’s already sophisticated algorithms. Although Facebook itself insists that there is nothing negative about the YouTube experience, our Atlanta corporate video production crew can see that they are clearly setting themselves up as an alternative, both for users and for advertisers.

For social media strategists, these changes mean new opportunities to further the return on their video production investment. Video ads will be more prevalent than ever before thanks to Facebook’s decision to incorporate them into its already powerful ad machine. Companies that previously relied on text and picture ads will need to expand their marketing to include video — or be left behind.

Thanks to Facebook’s video ads, the company is also moving away from YouTube as a streaming service and automatically having its users employ a video system that is hosted within Facebook and its servers.

This system is how mobile users are able to directly share videos with their friends without having to stop by YouTube first. It’s unsure exactly how this new direct video system will affect marketers, but we predict that one day, you will need to make an extra stop to upload your video content to Facebook.