Elite Storage Solutions had a trade show coming up, and they wanted their booth to have a video on display…but not just any old video. They had twelve HD televisions to construct a single gigantic screen! And to top it off, they wanted their entire network to know they would be there.

Trade show videos are unique to other marketing videos because of their environment. Trade show videos can not only vary in shape and size– but their audio-visual communication must be different from standard online videos or television commercials. For one thing, you want them nice and high– because anything at eye level is going to disappear in the crowds. Secondly, people who notice your video from a distance may not be able to hear it at all, so it needs to communicate well even without any audio. Trade shows are loud and busy, after all.

Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, people will be busy. It’s vital that you send marketing emails before during, and after the show to stay top of mind with prospects so they don’t forget or skip over your booth.


The Mission Plan

  • A Pre-Show Email Campaign with the video included
  • High-resolution footage of Elite’s product in warehouses
  • A 4:3 version of the video to fit the near-square shape of the screens
  • High elevation for maximum visibility
  • A Strategy for Trackable Lead Capture

That trackability is the key to any and every marketing plan. Whether your methods are traditional or digital, you need to trace them. That’s how you prove ROI. In Elite’s case, they tracked every lead from that trade show’s email campaign. And guess what? Many of those leads eventually became customers! They commissioned Elite Storage Solutions in the construction of several warehouses and storage facilities. Those contracts generated $10 Million in revenue for Elite!

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