On-Camera Talent Speaking

Roll Camera

Last week we got the pleasure of spending some more time with some good out-of-town friends of ours. They focus on E-commerce videos or product videos for companies who would like to enhance the online purchasing experience on the internet and further narrow the gap between in-person and online buying. We must have done a decent job because our friends reached back out to us for a weeklong shoot. So we packed the gear and headed to a company out in Canton, GA to shoot some corporate video. Now this chair company is a neat organization with a very interesting history. They sell chairs…all kinds of chairs. Anything and everything from task, executive, ergonomic, classroom chairs to folding, event, church, office furniture, etc, etc. Now, here’s the cool thing…the owner is 23! He started it with his step-father when he was 14 years old!! Where did I go wrong?! He is a really cool guy. In fact, if you met him on the street, you’d have no idea that he runs this very large company and has a custom-made Porsche from Germany. He’s very down to earth and simple and I think that’s really cool. It was pretty cool that one of the days that we were filming, he was featured in this Yahoo Business article.

Danny Filming on a Scissor Lift

Up, Up and Away

Anyways, we spent all week filming every kind of chair you can think of under the sun…150 to be exact. Not only did we film office chairs but at the end of the first day we got to film some B-roll in their huge warehouse. I wanted to get up high so that I could get a wide shot to show how big the warehouse is. The only problem was that there was no catwalk or elevated perch where I could get this shot from. After chatting with some people about my issue, to my delight, a scissor lift comes driving around the corner. I was excited for two reasons: 1) I would be able to get my shot. 2) I missed the fair the last few weeks and figured this would make up for it in a weird way. Two birds with one stone! (On a side note, those things really wobble from side to side…I don’t get motion sickness but it makes it difficult to get steady shots).

Overall, I learned a lot about office chairs and am no longer content with mine…I’ll be buying a new office chair soon. (I was not paid to say that). I think I’ll be going with the leather executive high back ergonomic Chair with thickly padded armrests. All in all it was a great shoot with some great people from Invodo and we ended up with a great success. It helped to have wonderful people to work with from the three different on-camera talent, crew and of course all the people from the company who put up with us all week. Once the videos have been edited we’ll be sure to put a link up so that you can see them.

Here are a few photographs from the day of the shoot!

BizChair Video Shoot Crew

That's a wrap!

Backdrop with lighting

The Set

Quiet Please sign

Quiet on the set!

Danny G with Talent

"That's a wrap pt 2"