59% of marketers plan to measure video effectiveness and ROI with analytics.

– Storyboard Media Group 2016

How will you know whether your video is successful or not? Setting a baseline and choosing the right criteria is essential in order to make an accurate assessment. Watch to find out the kinds of information that analytics can tell you about your video, and how those stats can be utilized to confirm ROI and drive the bottom line.

Analytics are a powerful tool to analyze who actually watched your video, and determine what your sales & marketing teams needs to do next to move those prospects even closer to the sale. Key Performance Indicators can help to determine the effectiveness of the video by measuring things like:


How many people clicked on the video player?


How long did the viewer watch?


Did they click the link you provided and move to your website?


Did they back up and re-watch a particular section of the video?

With a bit of upfront planning, you can review detailed analytics to tell you more than you ever imagined about each viewer, and even put a concrete value on each video’s ROI.


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