Once you’ve made a video with our Atlanta video production company, you will want to make sure that you promote it to get your highest ROI. Successful promotion involves several key factors before you even start your promotional efforts, and then it follows through with a solid promotional strategy.

Make It Sharable

When you upload your Atlanta corporate video, make sure that embedding and sharing options are enabled. YouTube and Vimeo make this process easy by encouraging and facilitating sharing through social networks. Remember, if your video is hard to share (or worse, not worth sharing), nobody will bother.

Optimize for Search

To encourage sharing, you need to make it easy for people to find your video. Google especially loves videos, and other search engines have started to put videos at the top of search results, so all you have to do is optimize it. Use keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags on the video site. From there, add pages to your website that showcase your video collection.

Send to Existing Leads, Clients, and Contacts

Start promoting your video the easy way by sending it to your email list. Although you can’t easily embed the actual video in your email, you can easily send out a newsletter discussing the video and linking to it. Consider making a thumbnail by taking a picture of the paused video and linking it directly to your Atlanta video or its custom landing page.

Social Media Blitz

From there, your promotional plan will need to branch out. The best first step is to promote your video across social media. Try to use a unique pull on each of the main social networks, and be sure to link to any individuals or companies you mention. From there, focus on individual customers. Use searches to find any customers who may need assistance with the issue that your video covers, and reach out to them.