In an increasingly connected world, digital marketing is the most important tool that a business can employ to make their presence known and to link with customers, both new and old. The difficulty, however, is that customers are becoming increasingly savvy when it comes to marketing campaigns and will tune out anything that feels cynical or disingenuous.

Thankfully, digital marketing is evolving, as it always does, to keep up with the times and attract customers in new and exciting ways. Learn how digital marketing is evolving in 2016, including how hiring a video marketing firm can help draw customers to your business.

Connect with Customers Through Social Media

One of the largest digital marketing trends that has grown in recent years, and looks to expand even further in 2016, is the use of social media to connect with current and potential customers. Instead of being a simple tool for friends and families to communicate, businesses are increasingly choosing to advertise, and even sell, to their customers by using social media platforms.

Having a strong, unique social media presence can give your business avenues to customers that you wouldn’t be able to reach through normal channels, and because of the instant nature of social media, one new customer can turn into hundreds based off of a single interaction.

Make Your Marketing Mobile Friendly

Back when digital marketing was in its infancy, the focus was on creating and adapting marketing tools for desktop websites. In 2016, however, use of full size computers and laptops is steadily decreasing, meaning marketing for desktop sites has become a poor investment.

Most people access the internet by using their phones and tablets, which is the new focus of digital marketing. Ensuring that your digital marketing campaign is tailored to the mobile platform will help your business stay relevant in the fast paced digital world where your potential customers are always on the go.

Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Through Video

For a long period, digital marketing was centered around text and photography, with video rarely being used. Things change, however, and video is now the most important component of digital marketing campaigns.

The reason videos are so enticing as a marketing tool is that they draw attention much more effectively than a picture or a wall of text. Embedded video advertisements have become prolific across almost every online platform, and should be the first consideration for any company looking to update their digital marketing techniques to be more in line with the marketing trends of 2016.

Hire a Video Production Firm

Compared to other marketing strategies, digital marketing is relatively young. However, digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, and continues to evolve in order to help attract customers in new and interesting ways. As we have seen, one of the most popular forms of digital marketing is using video to draw your customer’s attention.

When you want to update your companies digital marketing strategy by using video, then you need to hire Optimum Productions to handle all of your video production needs. Request an estimate, or contact us today to find out how we can help your company keep up with evolving digital marketing trends.