What does it mean when a business says they are a “thought leader” in their respective field or industry, and how does a company achieve this status?

Thought Leadership is a relatively new internet marketing term, but to be recognized in this light means to have established a reputation for expertise and authority in a specific niche.

Businesses successful in garnering a thought leadership role are the companies that customers turn to for high-level advice…and that their competitors strive to emulate. Essentially, this is the brand position that every product or service strives to create for themselves, because it commands greater respect than competitors, and is often rewarded with customer loyalty.

Why Should You Want Thought Leader Status?

Many business owners are quick to note their respective qualifications, but thought leadership is a stronger and much more comprehensive long-term strategy.

To demonstrate thought leadership, your company must communicate not only product knowledge, but distinctive industry insights and actionable planning strategies to your potential customers.

Your goal is for viewers to choose you as the “go-to expert” among your competitors.

You should educate and empower them in their professional choices, as well as enable them to recognize the benefits of choosing the right solution to their problems.

Ideally, your company should be the provider of that solution – but even if you have to direct them elsewhere, advising them about what will help them most is a key part of establishing trust. It means you genuinely care about their wellbeing and achievements.

How Do You Reach Thought Leader Status?

One method companies have turned to for forging solid connections with their clients involves creating corporate videos that are specifically tailored to building trust. Trust is perhaps the most important aspect of any business-consumer relationship,.

The best way to establish this trust is to produce videos that offer genuine help to real-life issues that potential consumers are searching for.

Establish your brand’s authority, and perhaps even introduce them to your key staff… as opposed to hard-selling the products and services you offer.

As a well-known Atlanta video production company, Optimum Productions is focused on delivering results. Our corporate marketing videos focus on our clients’ strategic strengths, and ultimately reflect their brand’s desired image in a compelling video format.

Creating a variety of thought leadership videos is the first step toward establishing credibility.

It distinguishes your company as a trusted and reliable source of information, and creates an easy path to guide potential customers towards purchase.

Image Courtesy of: Elcomcms.com