Training is a necessary evil when it comes to your bottom line. You can’t afford to have employees who aren’t thoroughly educated and knowledgeable about their jobs, but the costs of setting up and sending your staff to seminars and training days, in terms of both productivity and direct expenditures, can be painful. That’s why many companies are looking to video services as a means by which they can train their employees while saving on the bottom line. Learn about a few of the many ways that training videos can cut costs, increase productivity and be a benefit to your business.

Training Videos – A One-Time Cost

Training videos are an excellent alternative approach to educating your staff while saving money. Unlike seminars and training days which cost you every time you send staff, a training video carries a one-time cost—the cost of production. After you pay for this cost, you can have your video available in a wide variety of formats, from DVD to streaming video on the Web to PowerPoint slide shows for the board room. This allows you to ply your training in whatever way best suits your staff needs.

Convenience and Time

When your staff uses a video to train, they can go at their own pace without holding up everyone else in the group, or rushing past them. If there is an aspect they don’t quite understand, a video allows them to back up and revisit that section as often as they need until the information clicks. They can slow it down, speed it up, and even jump around as needed.

Personal Engagement

Videos also engage viewers on a more individualized and personal level than large seminars. While this may seem counterintuitive, a person viewing a video is doing so on their own. They don’t feel the need to compete with a large group of people all vying for the attention of the instructor. Certainly the give-and-take aspect is lessened with video, but a strong production can allow for help requests to offset this to a degree. In many ways, a video feels more intimate than a large training day.

By the Numbers

Recent statistics show that using videos for training is an exceptionally valuable resource for businesses. Companies that utilize video productions as a major part of their training regimen cut expenses by over a fifth while introducing new products and services at nearly the same rate. Employees were also educated and ready to go over 15 percent faster when video training is utilized. When you combine these factors with the one-off cost of a video production it translates to better utilization of resources, vast cost savings and much higher productivity.

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