Control Solutions Inc. came to us at the very end of 2016 looking for a video to display at their 2017 trade show booths as well as online, featuring the hard launch of their insecticide for golf courses: Nimitz Pro G, the first chemical nematicide to be developed and get federal registration in more than 20 years. As a partner of ADAMA, CSI has several product lines for pest control and crop protection, and in the new year they wanted to explain the benefits of Nimitz to their prospects in a way that could be both compelling and informative.

But here’s the thing: CSI originally wanted a white-board explainer video.

We responded, “…are you sure about that?”

We sat CSI down in a Road-Mapping session and pinpointed their marketing goals – for both the company and for Nimitz in particular. We learned about their history, and constructed a creative brief with them to establish the key communication points that they wanted to get across to their viewers. In short, they wanted explain the function and benefit of Nimitz; and fortunately, we knew plenty of ways to do that without making a white-board explainer video. But right away,we also knew there would be several challenges associated with the project. Firstly, we didn’t want to create a basic pest-control demonstration.

A bland tutorial on golf course care might communicate effectively, but it probably wouldn’t establish much of a brand identity for CSI, or be very memorable to prospective buyers.

And second, CSI wanted a version of the video that could draw attention and communicate their message with little or no audio, because they knew that many trade show floors would have too much noise for visitors to hear the display properly. Our strategy would have to rely heavily on visual communication; even if we did add subtitles or open captions.

As we discussed our options, we considered what golf course managers and other buyers would immediately connect with: the idea of losing money. Many owners struggle to keep their turf, especially low-cut greens, free of damage from nematodes (tiny roundworms), and the dying grass is either deterring customers or driving the landscapers to pay for expensive, severe chemical treatments.

So we thought: why not take the frustrations of golf course managers up a notch and show those emotions at the extreme?

The result was a bright and engaging montage that showed Nimitz as a more user-friendly (and environmentally-friendly) nematicide option. It was easy to make sure that the message could be communicated with either voice-over or subtitles, depending on the environment where CSI wanted to display it, and we made a silent version with graphic captions specifically for their trade show booths. And compared to other videos in the nematicide business, it was very different (which was definitely a good thing).

Bright images and fun vintage footage kept the video visually engaging, all while bringing awareness to prospects about Nimitz Pro G.

From there we were able to educate viewers on how Nimitz is fast-acting and easy to use. CSI placed the final production front and center on the Nimitz website, and best of all? The whole project generated ideas for the company to use in future videos – or even entire campaigns for their other products!

The video established a corporate identity for CSI that’s edgy and down-to-earth – and at their first corporate screening, the video even received a standing ovation!

Not too shabby at all. We and CSI both agree that this project was immensely fun, and definitely better than a whiteboard explainer. We can’t wait to start on more productions together!

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