On October 24th, a new building held its grand opening in Decatur, Georgia. By all accounts a new edifice within Atlanta’s bustling metropolis shouldn’t be such an exciting affair. However, this building is part of adult communities by Holbrook Life.

Holbrook intends to revolutionize and redefine how people view not only the senior living industry, but communities of all ages in general. Their message is bold, and they came to Optimum Productions because they were looking for an Atlanta video production company that could help them shatter the stereotypes held by modern audiences. The first thing they wanted? A mission statement video.


Holbrook approached us because they were looking for a mission statement video that could communicate their unique vision and business philosophy. They hated the idea of being perceived as “just another old folks home,” because they’re dedicated to building a place where all ages come together to grow.

In fact, they don’t even use the terms “independent living” or “assisted living” or “memory care.” So many retirees are capable of running marathons, climbing mountains, and much more! Ambitions don’t deteriorate as people age– and Al Holbrook, founder of the community, intends to help residents achieve their dreams, new and old. Tenants of Holbrook Life have been known to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, or to build and fly their own airplane!

Holbrook is committed to creating the next “Blue Zones”– redefining adult community and quality of life for all people.

Blue Zones are certain areas around the planet where local populations have the longest life expectancy in the world. Studies have connected multiple common factors between these regions. The biggest similarities include not only physical activity and healthy diets, but also social engagement and frequent interactions with family.

For many cultures, “senior living” simply means staying with and being cared for by one’s own relatives. This both increases longevity in the elderly and psychologically benefits everybody else, including young children whose family bonds are strengthened by the arrangement.

Holbrook’s company model is dedicated to replicating this sort of tight-knit community. That includes connecting seniors who may have no close blood relatives. They do so because studies have shown that at older ages, nothing kills quicker than loneliness. Holbrook Life furnishes active living for those not ready to slow down; enriched living for those still building relationships; and inspired living to cultivate cognitive health.


When Holbrook came to us, they wanted to promote their vision in an engaging way through their mission statement video. The only problem? The facility wasn’t exactly completed.

Even though Holbrook Life was actively building their facilities, they didn’t have an active adult community ready to be filmed yet.

Other than a few model apartments used for photos or prospect tours, the property didn’t even have asphalt laid yet. Holbrook Life also had a pretty tight deadline. They wanted their videos to help drive attention to the new building in Decatur before it opened; not after.

We sat down with Al and his team in a creative Road Mapping Session, to create a video marketing strategy for the company before we even started talking about production at all. Our team dug into the company’s vision, goals, and motivations for creating this new model in the first place. We learned that the videos would be heavily involved on the Holbrook Life websites and in their digital marketing efforts. Then we started brainstorming about how to deliver the message. That was when we found that Al Holbrook himself had a meaningful story worth telling.

Al has been working in the senior living industry for over a decade. The shortcomings of the industry are what inspired him to redefine these communities entirely. This flip of the traditional mold starts not just with their healthcare or employee practices, but with the very architectural design of their own buildings before the first brick is ever laid. In the long-term, they even hope to focus on more than just post-retirement age groups. They want to create intergenerational communities that invite and include all ages.

We determined that the mission statement video would be one of two main focuses of the project, and it would center around Al’s story. The other dual priority would be a recruitment video, inviting young professionals to apply to work at Holbrook facilities.

We decided to support the stories in the videos with stock footage. It would providing imaginative visions for the audience to see the potential that the community model has.

We also planned out an easy way to create more deliverables by filming valuable interviews with key Holbrook partners. This included their matchmaking service; medical professionals; and a farm-to-table co-op that connects businesses with locally-sourced, organic food providers.

But the two main deliverables we needed to create were the recruiting video, and the mission statement video. We needed to get the message out that “Hey, we’re here!” and “Hey, come work for us!”


So how exactly do you get a young audience interested in working for what they might mistakenly think is just another “old folks home”? And how do you inform prospects that what you’re offering is far above and beyond their initial definition of senior living?

In both cases, though, we hunted down stock footage that would set Holbrook apart, right out of the gate. From mountain climbers to personal trainers to chefs, and beyond. The videos in many ways looked more like they were advertising for a cruise line, not a stationary adult community!

For the younger audiences seeking employment, the music was quick and upbeat and interspersed with animated text. As for older prospects seeking information, we filmed Al riding on his bike. We used his narration to be more specific about his story and the community model he was building.

But even though Hobrook communities would eventually boast state-of-the-art provisions, we always made sure that the videos wouldn’t turn into a list of products and services. We always kept their vision center-stage in both marketing videos.

Every single clip was chosen not simply because it looked “cool,” but because it inherently connected with Holbrook’s core mission.

Despite the recruitment video’s “hip” look, working at a meaningful job is actually a huge priority for millennials. And even though we knew older audiences would definitely want to see examples of Holbrook Life facilities – including Holbrook Decatur – those factors are the byproducts of the company’s vision, and not the core reason for the mission statement video.

It’s one thing for a facility to have a nice bistro, or high-tech amenities. However, if you understand that each and every item was carefully selected in order to promote mental or physical or spiritual well-being, that makes its presence all the more valuable.

Holbrook Life communities like that in Decatur feature farm-to-table cuisine, woodworking and arts courses, physical trainers and exercise classes, and fully-furbished spas. But Holbrook doesn’t stop just at that surface level. The very water they use is run through a UV lighting filtration system to kill viruses. Their air includes negative ion emissions like those found at mountains or beaches to boost resident moods.

And, of course, they’re constantly cultivating opportunities for intergenerational interaction. They have gaming centers and a historical bar to entertain younger relatives; and they also connect tenants with disaster relief teams, or small businesses looking for mentorship and brain power. And then, of course, there’s Holbrook’s dedication to helping residents travel worldwide to achieve whatever ambitions, from scuba diving to museum visits, that their heart desires.

Each of Holbrook’s provisions, on its own, is nice. But it’s the mission driving them which gives them true weight.

That mission in their marketing videos also gives peace to those who choose Holbrook Life communities, because they know that Holbrook’s vision has their absolute best life in mind. Employees know that they’ve chosen a meaningful career that will have a positive impact on the world around them. And Holbrook customers know that their desires are understood– be they a son or daughter who wants the best life for their parent, or a grandparent wishing that their grandchildren would beg to visit as much as possible.

Holbrook’s mission statement video and recruitment video were both finished on time, and on budget. They’ve already been highly successful, and now that Decatur’s facility is complete there will soon be far more footage for future projects coming down the track!

It was definitely a project to be proud of. Because, like everyone else involved with Holbrook Life communities, we knew we were taking part in a valuable mission that’s definitely worth sharing.




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