For those of us who work in the Atlanta video production and editing field, we know competition is fierce and the need to impress prospective employers has become increasingly challenging. Most businesses these days expect their crew members to present a collection of their best works in the form of a demo reel (also commonly known as a show reel, demo tape, demo disc, etc.), which is basically a digital presentation of an individual’s work history or compilation of best work.

Experience and reputation are the factors that make things happen in this industry, whether your particular line of work involves sound mixing, camera handling or graphics editing. Although most people have rather extensive portfolios, compressing your work into a 60-second clip is the industry standard. With the help of Atlanta video editing company Optimum Productions, you can make sure your demo reel stands out.

How To Avoid a Demo Reel Gaffe

Your clip should be short and concise. Cut out the fat and focus on the essentials (i.e. your very best work). You may consider yourself a jack of all trades, but successful reels are those that target a specific job function. Communicate your precise interests to the employer and create multiple clips for each position.

Reels come in either collage or sample format, each of which must be appropriately gauged for the task at hand. Collages are recommended for commercials and short-form content, while samples serve the documentary/narrative niches best. Always position your strongest piece at the beginning of the reel to make sure the employer does not miss it.

Never use someone else’s work, do not forget to include your contact information and detail your role in the sample clips. Emphasize the top clients you have worked for as well as your technical skill set because this is what most Atlanta video editing firms are looking for. Other important tips include maintaining quality control, having a shareable link and DVD copies of your reel readily available and emphasizing yourself in the reel.