The only thing better than an enjoyable corporate event is a well-made video of that event. The benefits of event highlight videos include:

Enticing Employees

Low turnover is crucial to success in any industry, and one of the best ways to encourage employees to stay for the long haul is to make them feel loved. Your employees should see each other as family, possessing emotional as well as financial ties. Event highlight videos are a great way to encourage this emotional bonding. Record the moments in which customers laugh together, cry together, or express love and respect for each other and show your employees these recordings regularly. The better an employee remembers the good times, the more likely he or she is to stay.

Coaxing Candidates

Besides encouraging current employees to keep their jobs, event highlight videos also make it easier to win over prospective workers. Set your business apart from the competition by offering applicants not only salaries and benefits but also a chance to have fun, make friends, and express themselves. For best results, show applicants recordings of funny moments from your events. If your video makes them laugh, they’ll be more likely to remember it, making your company stick out in their minds when they choose between job offers.

Rewarding Records

Company events reveal how your employees interact with one another. By recording these events, you’ll have a record of which employees care for and enjoy hanging out with each other. You can use this information when putting together teams. All things being equal, you should place employees who enjoy each other’s company on the same team while separating those who don’t.

Confirming Customers

Customers don’t just look for quality products and low prices; the human element is just as important when choosing to buy from a company. If you show potential customers clips of your workers entertaining each other or volunteering, they’ll gain a positive view of your business and will thus be more likely to buy from you consistently. As with everything customers see, event highlight videos should not distract from the main purpose of your business, so only show clips that are relevant to the product they are buying.

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Image Source: Pixabay