Have you ever had the experience of going on a family vacation, and you’re just packed to the gills with stuff? Maybe you were a kid… or maybe it was just this past summer.

Everyone is super-excited to get on the road, and you go to pack your car, and you’re looking around in confusion and thinking to yourself, “Hmm… I didn’t know that we were moving, I thought that we were just going on vacation. Where did all this stuff come from?!”

So you start sorting your ‘gotta-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’. I’m super-guilty of this, and have had to many a time leave the golf clubs at home. So how does my story relate to video? Well on many videos that we work on, there is a huge tendency to want to squeeze every last drop into the video with the more-is-more mentality. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The timeless concept of Quantity vs. Quality comes into play.

So if you just want a bunch of halfway-decent shots which will result in an okay video, then fine – this could work for you. But most of the time, people really want high-quality video because that helps them to stand out and to put their best foot forward. Cramming a two-day shoot into one for budgeting reasons isn’t a really good answer. Sure, you save some money, but the outcome won’t be as good as it could be… which translates to, how much money did you leave on the table because you wanted to save?

So when it comes to your next production, think quality OR quantity because at the end of the day, quality will bring in way more results. Leave the irrelevant golf clubs at home.

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