In a word…yes. But as to why, there are countless reasons. Here are four big ones.

1. Videos Help People Remember You

Did you know that people remember only half of what they see and hear?

That percentage drops to 20% for visuals alone, and 10% for audio alone. Websites like YouTube have mass appeal for a reason. That reason is because as humans, we prefer more experiential methods of communication.

We as a company have learned that many people prefer to experience content and learn via visual mediums. That change has been sparked by the blossoming digital age. It is never too late to tap into this lucrative market and help your brand reach its full potential with an online video presence.

2. Videos Keep Audience Attention Longer

In this convenience-driven world, most of us prefer information to be delivered to us in bite-sized chunks. That means the majority of people prefer to watch an informative video clip. Reading pages of text is just too tedious.

It’s vital to integrate this medium into your company’s website. Once you do, visitors will linger on your website two minutes longer on average.

Additionally, there’s another reason why video can capture your audience’s attention in a way that text alone cannot.

3. Videos Deliver Subliminal Messages

Videos allow you to allude to a company brand and personality without explicitly stating it. You show your company as funny, authoritative, or sincere in a way that text cannot convey.

This is especially important for clients who aren’t local to you. Videos are the closest you can get to having an honest face-to-face exchange with a potential client. That’s why constructing and communicating your brand’s personal image with video is invaluable.

4. Videos Spread the Word About You

Videos are also easily shared via email and social media, allowing your brand and products to be seen by even more pairs of eyes. These videos can also directly link back to your business’s social media page or website. That will make it easier than ever for potential customers to immediately learn more, or even make a purchase.

In the world of instant-noodles and instant messaging, videos can be your instant sales pitch. Don’t miss out!

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