As marketers embrace social media, videos are rapidly becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising. A good corporate video can explain complex concepts in an accessible format, attract public interest in a seemingly dry product, and put a human face on a faceless corporation.

To get the most out of your corporate videos, think about whether you could include:

1. Funny Stories

However much you love your job, recognize that not everyone finds your business interesting. Humor is a great way to liven up the video and generate greater public interest, but it must relate to your business to do its job.

By incorporating customers’ and employees’ funny stories, you’ll always be able to tie humor back to your company. Just be sure not to include offensive or inappropriate jokes.

2. How Not To Use Our Product

In longer product description videos, include a short segment on ways that customers shouldn’t use your product. At least some of these should be real scenarios. Anticipate ways in which customers might misuse the product and explain the disadvantages of doing so. You can intersperse these warnings, however, with comical clips showing customers using the product in absurd or outlandish ways.

If done well, “how not to use” segments will both inform and entertain prospective customers immensely.

3. Original Song

Most offices have at least one worker who is good at creative writing and several others who can sing, dance or play guitar. Put these skills to good use with an original song that you can feature in your videos.

If customers like your song, they’ll appreciate your company’s creative talent. Even if they don’t, they’ll still respect you for being bold and innovative. Once you’ve finished recording, you can compile a production video using clips and pictures from the recording process.

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Image Source: Pixabay