MTI Baths met with Optimum Productions in August of 2015, with a goal to introduce their new product, “Stream Bath,” into the marketplace and establish a stronghold within its first year. The product is enough to make any bath fanatics swoon, even before adding optional features like chromotherapy, audio therapy, and more. The specific emphasis of the video was to highlight the tub’s directional currents of water flow and its likeness to a natural stream.

Our team went out into the beautiful North Georgia foothills and captured breathtaking footage of the natural landscape. The most amazing story about this video (besides its 2016 Telly Award in the Online Product Commercial Category) is the way it impacts the vendors to whom MTI is marketing. Most of MTI’s clients initially disliked the idea of displaying a functioning tub, due to the electrical and maintenance complications that might ensue. However, after releasing the “Stream Bath” video, MTI received an influx of vendor requests for a fully-functional model tub on their sales floors!