X-CEL is an industry-leading manufacturer of specialty soft and and custom gas permeable contact lenses. More than just a custom contact lens manufacturer, X-CEL partners with eye care practitioners to deliver solutions that help solve the most complicated patient’s visual needs.

X-CEL asked Optimum Productions for an awareness spot targeting eye care professionals that explained why 30% of disposable contact lens wearers give up on their contacts due to discomfort, and show how X-CEL’s extremeH2O disposable lens technology creates a much more comfortable, custom fit for their patients.

Using a combination of man-on-the-street interviews with lens wearers about problems with comfort, together with studio time-lapse footage to visually demonstrate the 30% “fall-off” rate of patients, we addressed some of the pain points of most concern to eye care professionals. Adding a graphic timeline of contact lens evolution to highlight recent improvements in lens technology, we emphasized X-CEL’s new product technology that can provide a better fit and give greater comfort to their contact lens patients.

The spot is a hit with our client, and is well-received by their key target market, eye care practitioners. It is currently featured on their website home page and used as a sales and promotional tool via email, social media, and trade show/professional events.