Industrial manufacturers never had it so good.

CribMaster, a part of Stanley Black & Decker’s Advanced Industrial Solutions division, is a global leader in providing industries with assets needed to keep businesses running smoothly. Having just redesigned and re-launched their brand with a new logo and corporate design in 2015, CribMaster decided to also produce an identity portfolio of videos to rocket past their competition and set the bar for future B2B marketing in the field of inventory management.

CribMaster came to us and signed up for a Road-Mapping Session…

…where we profiled their company and target audience. In that meeting, we identified their goals to increase audience awareness of their brand, generate leads, exhibit the depths of their product portfolio, and promote their new software and services. Optimum’s main challenge was to then create more than just a plain-Jane tutorial video to portray inventory management; we wanted to establish CribMaster’s service as an innovative cornerstone of the industrial world.

Using the information and marketing strategy gained in the Road-Mapping Session Session, our staff brainstormed several concepts for CribMaster that hit the mark. This eventually led to scripts that would draw audiences in via a distinctly human element, with a voice-over that incorporated professional expertise with a hint of swagger, to keep CribMaster’s persona down to earth and approachable.

We collaborated with CribMaster and other local clients to identify the perfect Georgia-based locations to film…

…then brought several CribMaster products to those locations in order to portray them simplifying the lives of blue-collar workers. From there, we were able to select the cream-of-the-crop shots from our footage and piece them together… in some cases even arranging them in painstaking order to create an original rhythm out of their sound effects! And all the while, we kept the videos rooted in the original goals of CribMaster and their parent company, Stanley Black & Decker: to establish their corporate identity, highlight their services, and educate their audiences on the benefits and advantages CribMaster can bring to the table.

Not only have these videos knock the socks off of audiences at CribMaster’s trade shows; the Product Portfolio, “What’s That Sound?” also claimed a 2016 Telly Award this season, in the category of Online Video for Business Equipment and Services. Now CribMaster can boldly proclaim who they are, and communicate value propositions with more style than ever before.

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