Spledger is a performance-driven fundraising platform that is an innovative new choice to help individuals, groups and teams raise money by reaching specific performance-based goals in Sports, Scholastics and Community Service categories. Their website makes it easy and convenient for donors to contribute, while minimizing the management and collection time and effort expended by the organization’s boosters and supporters.

Their challenge for us was to create an animated video that clearly and concisely communicated their value proposition — and turn it around very, very quickly!

We were inspired to create unique animations and scenes that captured the range of goals that can be utilized by the performers to achieve instant monetary donations from supporters, culminating into a full-fledged fundraising campaign.

The animation and motion graphics made for a fun and creative project, and the Spledger Team was terrific to work with because they were focused and knew exactly what they needed the video spot to accomplish!

We invite you to take a look and get to know this unique online fundraising service from Spledger!