We (just like most I imagined) excitedly welcomed 2010 with open arms, in high hopes of a great year. Our first business week of the new year, was a busy one and we quickly put down the champagne and got to work. We wrapped up a project that we had shot during the summer for the local arm of a worldwide non-profit organization called Challenge. Challenge is a religious organization that works with young girls in middle and high school. Their mission is to help the girls grow in virtues, friendships and their Catholic faith. They meet locally and have all kinds of activities from weekly meetings, community outreach projects, summer camps and much more. Our task for this project was to capture two of their summer camps on video and create a short promo video to advertise the 2010 summer camp. During the summer, we travelled to North Georgia and filmed the camps over two days. During the two days the girls had talks, a range of fun activities and a total blast. They even brought in a giant inflatable water slide! So while they had an awesome time canoeing, swimming, arts and crafts, and running around the hot and muggy Georgian summer, we captured their excitement and tried to not pass out from heat stroke. Being that the heat was so hot (pun intended), we decided not to edit the video until winter. So we started piecing it together in December and put the final pieces together in January. It’s a pretty fun piece.

Another blog-worthy project was a corporate event that we recorded in conjunction with Atlanta Media Services and Coca-Cola. Now most corporate events/meetings, when it comes to video, is fairly straight forward…you frame up your shot, hit record and make everything look as smooth as possible. Same here, but with one additional trick. Coca-Cola had a decent number of presentations that would be made by the various people in the company from all over the world on a new system that they would be implementing. So, they wanted to have each presentation captured on video, including their powerpoint presentations…AND turned around in less than a week…four days to be exact. So how-to-play-video-at-your-trade-show-hdmi-usb-flash-drive-dvd-hd-big-screen-content-marketing-open-closed-captions-instructions-cable-cables-audio-mute-stock-image-thumbnail-blogHow to Play Video At Your Trade Show IndustrialSage Episode 37: MODEX 2018, hosted by Danny Gonzales and Joseph ZunigaInterviews from MODEX 2018: Atlanta’s Logistics & Supply Chain Trade Show