OP had the pleasure again, for the fifth consecutive year, to provide support to a wonderful organization: the Catholic Medical Association.

Although we typically focus on video production in Atlanta, and even then not a ton of event production, we flew out west to warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona this time. The destination? A three-day conference. The mission? Record audio from all of the presentations, and burn them onto CDs.

Phoenix. Is. Gorgeous.

Before I fully dive into the work that we did for the CMA, I want to take a moment to rant about the stunning beauty of Phoenix. We’ve been out there twice before. First for Super Bowl XLII, and then for a corporate shoot in Glendale. Each trip was a blurry haze of ridiculousness, and we were in and out at full speed. There really wasn’t any time to go exploring.

This time, we planned ahead and scheduled a little bit of extra time to actually enjoy the sights and sounds. My thoughts of Arizona before this trip were that it was a wasteland. Boy, was I wrong!

From the get-go, I was glued to the window like an awestruck little boy soaking up everything. Who knew that a giant cactus could be so amazing! Deserts aren’t nearly as desolate as you might imagine. It’s a different, gorgeous world out there.

So, when it came to the work, we were all very relaxed from being surrounded by all of nature’s beauty. Good thing, too; because our job there was a little ambitious.

The Conference Itself

Like I mentioned above, we recorded the conference talks/presentations…but afterwards, we burned them onto CDs.

All with a one-hour turn around time.

This process enables the conference talks to be purchased right then and there before people depart. Over the course of the three-day conference we burned over 1,400 CDs, along with multiple DVDs and MP3 Players!

At times things can get hectic. But thanks to an experienced team, we were able to tackle the job pretty flawlessly. We really enjoyed being able to listen to all the conferences while we were busy working. This year’s theme was all about: The Formation of Physicians: Vision and Virtues for a New Era in Medicine.

Even though we aren’t physicians and certainly not medical professionals, we were able to comprehend some of the messages that were being transmitted. It gave us a lot of insight to the future of healthcare and the individuals who are committed to providing quality, ethical care.

Stay tuned for a video client testimony from the Catholic Medical Association about the work that OP has been providing them – to be released soon!

Our next post will give you a sneak peak into the little detour we took on the way home…stopping in Sedona, AZ; the Grand Canyon; and even Destin, FL.