Oscar the Grouch Check-in

Oscar the Grouch checked us in at the airport on Halloween

Well, October has come and gone like a thief in the night! Isn’t it always like that? Perhaps it has something to do with how downright busy October is always for us. I’m not sure why, but it is always a hectic month for us.

We were so busy, in fact, that we weren’t even home on Halloween.

No complaints, though! We did several projects in October from corporate videos to product videos, and a couple of promos.

Each project that we do can greatly vary in both content and size. One of those great varying projects is the Catholic Medical Association’s Annual Meeting. We have had the privilege of working with this great non-profit organization for 4 great years.

Public Market Center

The Famous Public Market Center

Each year the CMA hosts a conference for the medical professionals that it is comprised of. Each year is a different city. We started in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia; followed by Baltimore, Maryland and Springfield, Illinois.

What do we do for them?

We provide a turnkey Audio CD production solution that enables them to provide same-day audio CD sales of the conference talks to the attendees.

In layman’s terms, we burn a bunch of CDs really, really FAST!

On average we go through about 1,500+ CDs over the course of three days. We record each lecture and as soon as one is finished we clean up the audio and start burning several copies. We typically have several copies of each talk ready to go within an hour.

We were once again blessed to be able to work with them again and packed our bags and headed out to Seattle, Washington. I’ve never been to Seattle, but let me tell you what…it is beautiful! It is very similar to San Francisco in that the streets can be very steep, and it sits right on the water but has snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Beautiful Mountains

View from restaurant at Public Market

I don’t think that I have ever experienced that before. And while we’re on the topic of snow capped mountains…Mt. Ranier! It is a massive 14,000 ft dormant volcano that kind of sits by itself. It is absolutely beautiful. It helped that the day we arrived it was sunny…it was the only day of the 5-day visit that was sunny.

It rained the rest of the time. Go figure.

Being able to work in a such a beautiful environment definitely helped out a lot. Our task can sometimes be stressful and high pressure as we have to perform very quickly.

Unlike some of the other conferences that we have done in the past, this conference had up to 4 different lectures going on at the same time in 4 different locations. It was very important that we had a solid logistics plan in place to ensure smooth operation and also account for flexibility. We recorded 27 talks over the course of 3 days, burned an average of 450 CDs per day and burned over 1,400 CDs in total. In the end everything turned out great, everyone was happy and we hope to do it again for the 5th time in 2011.

Mt Ranier from the Plane

Flying by Mt. Ranier

Main Ballroom of Conference

Quick snapshot of the ballroom