Creating a series of consistent digital content is not for the faint of heart. This is our 100th episode of a two-year-old show, so we can definitely attest to that.

Generating regularly-scheduled content is grueling. It’s a major commitment.

It’s also 100% worth it.

Our very show that talks all about content marketing…is in fact also a case study for content marketing.

IndustrialSage is a testament to the very same message that it preaches. When it comes to content marketing…your best bet is always to play the long game.


Back in 2017, Optimum Productions was focused on creating valuable video content for B2B companies (particularly manufacturers). However, if our clients wanted to film an interview, that plan always required finding a reliable location.

“Just film it in my office” is not always the best solution if you want to create videos of the highest quality.

Lights might be too dim, or too severe. Rooms echo. Passersby might cross into the shot while going about their business. Construction teams, car horns, or landscaping crews outside could disrupt all your hard work.

So when the opportunity to build our customizable multi-camera studio came to us, we jumped on it without hesitation.

It meant we would have a dependable, high-quality location for interviews. Setting it up would be quick and easy. Vlogs, podcasts, livestreaming…the possibilities were endless!

Most importantly, our clients would finally have the means to create an ongoing video series! If they ever decided such a thing was valuable, that is.

We wanted to prove just how effective online videos can be for any business…so we set out to create a consistent marketing series.

We saw a need in the manufacturing industry more than anywhere else. So, we decided to practice what we were preaching.


Back in 2017, did we suspect just how long the show would run? Did we have any idea how far-reaching it would be? No way.

We saw that a lot of B2B industrial companies needed help in marketing. We knew we had the know-how to help them. Our hope was to generate leads and eventual business– but our goal was to provide value.

And if you were to go online right now, you’d see that we’re not the only ones. Countless businesses and experts are harping on the value of content every day. But the big names are the ones that have been sticking to their guns instead of quitting after a few weeks or months.

Dozens and dozens of attempted thought leaders are starting blogs or podcasts, only to peter out because they’re not seeing immediate gains.

Did we ever consider ending our own show? Once or twice, if we’re honest. Did we ever make mistakes? Plenty! However, through a lot of blood and sweat and tears, we pushed on and kept posting episodes every. Single. Week. Because we believed in the value of an online video series.

Consistent digital content is a major challenge. But the longer you keep creating it, the more respect you gain from your network.

Two years-worth of podcasting has built a resource library for us that, to this day, opens doors that never would have opened back in 2017.

We use episodes all the time to help answer questions that our potential clients have about marketing or video strategies. Optimum Productions has had speaking engagements and business opportunities that we can attribute directly back to this show.

This 100th episode is an awesome milestone…but if we have our way, there will be hundreds more.


Remember the old saying, “My word is my bond”? People don’t always hold to those values anymore. People don’t always show up on time, even if they promised that they would.

But if you can create an online series that churns out episodes like clockwork week after week, you’ll get noticed online due to sheer repetition– or else sheer volume.

It’s been incredible to see how much our own network has grown because of this podcast series.

Even when we have business connections who aren’t officially subscribed to our content…we often hear from them later that they’ve been watching for months. Our content is valuable, yes. However, it’s often our dauntless persistence that earns their attention.

Has this show generated business for us? Certainly. But are all of our subscribers ideal future clients for Optimum Productions? No.

We can’t service everyone. But we can help everyone.

This show is meant to provide valuable aid to those who need it. We want to assist them in figuring out how to move the needle– even if it doesn’t result in business for us. We want to help our visitors find the right company to service their needs.

Up until now, that meant releasing regular weekly videos, blogs, and podcasts. In the future, it means we’re going to be creating even more resources for you – with the help of a growing list of IndustrialSage partners.

The best way to find out about these new developments is to subscribe to our weekly newsletters.

Even if you don’t sign up…well, that’s the power of consistent digital content. You’ll know exactly where to find us.




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