In light of the vast popularity of videos today and the impact they have on almost all types of consumers, many companies see the wisdom of including a corporate video in their marketing campaigns. They recognize that an online video presence effectively means having ongoing 24/7 promotion for their products and services.

However, because of the continuing uncertainty of the current economy, many businesses remain on the look-out for cost-cutting measures.

If you’re thinking of hiring an experienced camera man versus a professional Atlanta video production company in order to save money, you may want to reconsider. Below are two good reasons why going with a professional video editing company is the better choice of the two.

1. Video Production Is A Collaborative Team Sport

Even small production companies have project managers or producers to handle the day-to-day requirements of a video shoot.

Producers often sit down with the clients during the pre-production stage to find out about their goals for the video, their marketing plans, etc. Most producers also go over the script with the clients at this point to make sure it is well-written and concise. During the shoot, they keep everyone on task and make sure the filming schedule is followed and the project is shot on schedule.

Hiring just a camera man (no matter how experienced) means you as the client have to be on top of all the duties the producer would otherwise have assumed.

You miss out on collaborating with a knowledgeable professional who can help focus and fine-tune your vision for the video to an amazing degree…and you also just add pressure to yourself as you handle other production management jobs in addition to your own.

2. You Need Post-Production Expertise

A camera man’s job is done when filming for the video is over.

Instead of delivering a clean, crisp marketing video, a camera man’s only duty is to deliver raw footage to you. Then what will you do?

But a professional Atlanta production company can provide post-production services such as editing the footage, adding graphics, recording voice-overs, sourcing royalty-free music, and enhancing the video with special effects. Because of their involvement with the project from the beginning until the end, some video production companies can even give helpful marketing and distribution advice.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced video production company in Atlanta, call us. We can assist you in all aspects of video production and create a corporate video for you that will capture and convey the message you wish to communicate. We offer a complete array of professional video production services.

Let our knowledge of the industry guide you throughout the entire process. From scriptwriting to actual shooting, adding special effects, and other post-production editing – we do it all.

We make sure your corporate video makes a lasting impact on your viewers and projects your image accurately to your audience. We make – cue the rim shot on the drums – optimum productions.