Last night we all ventured down to the Metropolitan Club off of Windward Parkway to attend our first Business 400 Monthly Networking Event.  It was a pretty neat event.  The venue was great with great food, drinks and even a live singer belting out Frank Sinatra tunes and did an awesome job.  There were several vendors showcasing along with regular attendees.  The cool thing about this event is that you go around and drop your business card in a box at each vendor’s display and at the end of the night they draw out a business card from each box and give $50 to the winner.  It’s a great idea to keep people engaged on both sides of the table!  We didn’t win any money BUT we did meet some great people and learned about other businesses in our community and they learned a little bit about us.

Business 400 Networking Event

Posing with with Ron Dinsmore