Consistent exposure and adaptability are what it takes for brands to do well in this day and age. The new power that consumers hold means that the marketing machine never stops running. Traditionally, companies have relied on door-to-door sales, TV/radio advertising, and other mediums for making their brands visible. However, now businesses are finding a need for YouTube videos, content marketing and social selling.

Did you know that Forrester Research recently found that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words? Did you also know that 90 percent of online shoppers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions?

Videos have become an instrumental part of connecting with potential customers. Are you taking advantage of the exposure a video could bring for your company? If not, our video production team has a helpful tip on how you can get started with video content marketing.

Build Brand Awareness Through Helpful Content

The internet has largely bridged the gap between brands and their target audiences, but it does not necessarily make it easier for businesses when it comes to knowing what efforts will reach ideal demographics effectively. First of all, there are brands that are still unaware of digital marketing’s potential, and then there are those that do not know how to make their online advertising efforts really count when it comes to increasing website traffic and conversions at the same time.

It goes without saying that video marketing has been at the forefront in this regard for a few years now, and it only continues to show marked growth. Of all content marketing strategies used in the past few years, the use of targeted video website content is consistently increasing, and is now used by 3/4 of all businesses in some way.

Keep in mind that far from just facilitating communication between business owners and customers, video content marketing is instrumental from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint as well. Google, Yahoo and Bing place more emphasis now than ever before on ranking multimedia content.

Therefore, websites that incorporate quality video content can benefit from increased traffic, exposure, engagement and authority with target demographics.

To sweeten the deal and give further testament to the power of video footage, a study performed by the Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media found that this type of content has an even more powerful impact on targeted consumer markets. Nearly 90 percent of email campaigns showed better overall results, 3/4 of which had increased click-through-rates!

This data speaks for itself and proves why every brand should be taking video seriously. The experts at Optimum Productions have helped hundreds of clients improve their online reputation, so feel free to get in touch!