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Got a new virtual event or a remote interview coming up? You’re not alone. But have you ever attended one where things just… didn’t go great?

The ICAA Midwest Chapter held nothing back in making sure that their virtual ceremony for the Acanthus Awards would be a night to remember.

How To Create An Amazing Virtual Event

By Rica

How can you set your company’s virtual event apart from all the others, and why is it so critical to make it so engaging? always holds an annual in-person meet for all of their associates. This year, they hosted a smash-hit virtual event instead.

Despite Covid’s threat to most senior living communities, Holbrook is actually thriving by using virtual tours to attract future residents.

The 2019 Fourth Quarter Review

By Rica

If your year has been like ours, you may not even remember yesterday’s breakfast. That’s why we’re pausing to review our 2019 Fourth Quarter.

Before we dive headfirst into 2020 or even into reviewing the fourth quarter, I wanted to take a moment to address this past year as a whole. More specifically, I wanted to share “Three Marketing Myths Busted by Google in 2019.” Because you can’t exactly make good New Year’s resolutions… Read More

If there’s one thing we can barely stop talking about this show, it’s the use of video in your outreach tactics. We rave about using video as a major part of your social media marketing. We have full, free webinars all about using video in the sales process. Heck, we… Read More

This week we were joined by Kevin Brown, co-founder and CEO of LeadSmart Technologies. LeadSmart is a SaaS company that creates and connects company CRM with Marketing Automation and Channel Management so that leads don’t fall down a “black hole” between the marketing and sales departments. A lot of manufacturing… Read More

This week we were joined by Charlie Riley, director of marketing for Curbell Plastics. He understands the unique challenge of trying to find effective content for what many might assume is a “drab” subject. Always enamored by the psychology of storytelling, he majored in journalism– which, as it turns out,… Read More