I’ve been putting in a lot of hours to get my private pilot’s license.

As opposed to driving down a road and following the names of the different streets, flying an aircraft depends entirely on landmarks and elevation. You figure out how to get where you’re going by charting out lakes and power lines, and you need a special map to do it.

Every time I want to go fly, the first thing I have to do is sit down and chart out a deliberate flight plan.

Whereas I can go for a casual drive on the ground and make on-the-spot decisions, flying requires me to make a conscious choice about my destination – and then map out a route to get there. Marketing is very much the same way…but a lot of businesses, especially in B2B, tend to be the same way about their marketing – though they don’t generally realize it.

Companies assume that since coming up with marketing content involves creativity, marketing strategies can’t be expected to be anything but equally un-structured and “go-with-the-flow.”

Fortunately, right-brained activities don’t automatically need to stay unorganized.

The next time your team sits down to discuss marketing and outreach, perhaps to prepare for the next quarter, video may indeed come up as an important resource. But don’t get too far without taking a moment to stop and put your foot down and ask:

“Before we go any further…what’s our plan?”

Too many times to count, our team at Optimum gets phone calls from B2B companies who know they need video in their marketing campaigns, but they don’t actually have a plan laid out: they’re not sure what kind of video they want, or what they should expect to get out of it.

That’s why we don’t just shoot videos – we also provide Road Map Sessions.

Road Map Sessions are specialized meetings that help to steer the creativity of the production process by first answering key, fundamental questions about the project; about your company; about the prospects you’re trying to reach; even about the competition in your market.

These sessions aren’t just about creative ideas, but also about your campaigns and company goals as a whole.

Having a plan before the cameras roll will not only affect how the video is used, but also what it actually contains in the first place. Different stories, genres, running times, and more will all contribute to how the audience responds.

Different platforms will also determine the video’s content. Facebook videos, for example, are usually best with captions or graphic text of some kind, since the social media giant doesn’t always play its videos with sound. Or perhaps you’re going to post to Twitter; or LinkedIn; or directly on your website. Running time is also going to vary widely, too – especially depending on where your leads are in the sales funnel when they’re meant to see the video.

Whatever platforms you choose will also be directly responsible for the data that you can glean in order to measure results.

Viewer habits and other information from your hosting platforms are key to proving a measurable ROI and gauging the success of your campaigns, which will in turn lead to evidence for funding future campaigns. We have our own preferences and opinions about why YouTube is not nearly enough when it comes to video analytics that show ROI…but the point is to have hosting arrangements planned ahead of time.

Videos Are Your Vehicle.

Think of us as a travel agency that also runs car rentals…or a car rental office that doubles as a travel agency. We can absolutely provide you with a B2B video marketing road map…just like we can provide you with a B2B marketing video. But don’t worry: the two services don’t necessarily have to be a package deal.

This is a consultation; not a contract.

What does that mean? It means you’re not obligated to stick with us once the Road Map Session is complete. We promise, you can walk away from the meeting with your B2B marketing road map, and take it all to another production company entirely.

We just can’t promise that any other studio is going to have the same creative vision or marketing-minded understanding of your company.

We can, however, provide you with the testimonies of multiple B2B companies in finance, logistics, and industrial vending that have sat through these meetings firsthand: companies that have increased the quality of their leads since releasing the video.

One of our clients even earned $5 million in revenue after employing a different-style video than the whiteboard explainer they originally thought they wanted.

So if your marketing team is steering without a destination…hit the breaks.

Get a Road Map first.