Every premium video project must have a plan. We believe in a detailed and organized video production process. We communicate constantly with our clients during the video production process. Effective communication is critical to developing a project within the scope of a client’s vision. We dedicate as much time as necessary to get to know our clients, their organizations, and their goals. Ready to get started on your project? Contact a video production specialist today.

1. Pre-Production Stage


The cornerstone of any video production project is pre-production. Pre-production is the critical process of creating the conceptual design of the project before the cameras start rolling. We begin by getting to know our clients and their organizations through preliminary phone and email contact. This is followed by a visit to the client’s office or other facility to gain a visual understanding of the project. Conceptual designs become proposals that are submitted to the client for final approval.

2. Production Stage

White Wall In-House Studio

In production, all of the attention to detail in pre-production pays off. With the foresight established, we are ready to start rolling the cameras and shooting your video production. Depending on the venue that is chosen for the shoot and the subject matter being filmed, we will have all the necessary equipment on hand to capture each frame exactly as planned.

3. Post-Production Stage

Jordan in the Editing Room

Post-production is where your Atlanta video project comes together like the pieces of a puzzle. After a basic assembly based on the original conceptual design, a rough cut is submitted to the client for approval. Upon approval, the work begins on any revisions that have been requested along with additional editing, effects and other touches of studio magic until we reach the final cut. When the final cut has been approved, your video production moves into the finishing stage where sound, color, and any graphics are perfected, resulting in a truly polished video production.

The final cut is mastered, encoded and compressed for DVD, web distribution, broadcast, or any other format that may be requested. If the project is designed for DVD, we create DVD menus, cover art, and cases. Duplication services are available in any quantity.

Whether you need consulting, filming, editing, or start-to-finish video production, Optimum Productions is pleased to assist you. Contact our video production team today and get your video project underway.

Whether you need consulting, filming, editing or a fully produced video from start to finish, we are here to assist you with whatever you need.