A bonus for us as an Atlanta video production company is the opportunity to advocate and learn about so many important causes that our clients serve.  Our video for DAS Forensics really opened our eyes to a significant problem for the aging and other at-risk populations.  DAS stands for the Division of Aging Services for the State of Georgia.  DAS is working with TD Media, who hired us for our video production services.  They wanted to use the video format to augment their efforts to curb elderly abuse in Georgia through effective internet, television, and video marketing.  Our first step was to provide consultation on ideas for the content and style for the video production.

Ultimately, for the three-minute video, we went witha bit of a film noir effect, using stark images from interviews of the Director of GBI, Vernon Keenan; Forensic Special Investigator Pat King; DeKalb Prosecutor Robert James; then wrapped up the video with a personal message from none other than the Governor of the State of Georgia himself, Nathan Deal.  The film noir angle and somewhat edgy styling was a new direction for the client.  They were very excited with this new type of imagery for getting their message across.  It was fun to creatively do our thing.

I have to admit it was cool to meet the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Director and Governor Deal.  I’m definitely holding onto the official GBI pin given to me by the GBI Director.   When you’re working with the governor, you have to be very careful with terminology.  Somehow, saying “We’re here to shoot the Governor” just doesn’t sit well with Security.  We quickly learned to rephrase the nature of our business.  We shot footage at the GBI Headquarters and the State Capitol.  The video production challenge was that we didn’t have access to B roll or supporting footage.  And we were short on time and budget that would pay for that extra footage.  To get around the problem, we shot interview subjects at different angles and got close-ups of their eyes for a stark effect and to produce cut-aways in the editing process.  The challenge was met and worked out great.  Ultimately, we were able to produce what the client wanted and needed, and stayed within their budget.

In addition to the three-minute video, we produced a short, 30-second Public Service Announcement that is currently running on TV in Georgia to raise public awareness.  It was eye-opening to hear the stats on how much elder abuse is a problem.  We learned that elder abuse can range from financial, physical, emotional, and sadly even sexual abuse of the elderly.  One stat I recall is that fifty percent of adults with Alzheimers are likely to be abused in one of these categories.  What a privilege to play a role in promoting a positive initiative in this area.

Take a moment and check out their website at http://aging.dhs.georgia.gov/.  Be sure to check out the videos below.


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