Animation and motion graphics provide a wide range of video production choices. The opportunity is to utilize digital animation and motion graphics in a way that enhances the story you want to tell:

Optimal Overviews

Animation works for short videos giving an overview of what your company does. Animation allows you to incorporate a wide range of concepts into a short video. By making creative use of the background, sound and central images, you can explain large amounts of information clearly in a fraction of the time a live explanation would take.

Company Culture

Whereas general overview videos don’t have to show your employees, videos projecting a company image must. Whatever values you wish to communicate, customers will only take them seriously if they associate them with human faces. Say your business is committed to sustainability. Making an animated video explaining your methods for reducing waste and saving energy might work, but you’re more likely to get results by interviewing your employees about their efforts to save the planet — especially if one of them has a funny story on the subject. The more human your company appears, the more likely customers will believe that you care about more than just money.

Detailed Descriptions

The gray area lies in longer videos that explain complex services. Marketed to customers who know about your company and are seriously considering choosing it, these videos should ideally balance economy of explanation against the human element. On one hand, having the employees who perform these services explain how they do it will associate each service with a human face, making customers more likely to trust your company. On the other hand, a live-action explanation of complex services can potentially become boring; animation and motion graphics can shorten it, maximize comprehension and make it more engaging.

There are a wide range of animation and motion graphics options that a professional video production company can offer, in all price ranges. They can review your desired content, and recommend the perfect combination of animation, graphics and live-action footage for your video project.

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Image Source: Pixabay