In 2019, adult communities by Holbrook Life held a grand opening for their facility in Decatur, Georgia. A crew from Optimum Productions was present– not just to film the exciting event, but also to behold the fruition of the project for themselves.

Holbrook’s core mission is to redefine what senior living looks like in its entirety, and so they had come to Optimum some months earlier for a mission statement video and a recruiting video. They wanted these visual assets to motivate residents and potential employees to look into what they were doing.

Neither they nor anybody else had any idea what the year 2020 would have in store for them.


When a citywide shutdown in March of 2020 was declared to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the community at Holbrook had valid reasons to be concerned.

Even though they don’t use terms like “independent living,” or “retirement home,” at all, the fact remained that their residents were far more likely to be at risk for the virus. Holbrook’s entire mission is to improve the quality of life for all their tenants. In this case, the physical and even psychological well-being of their community required dedicated caution.

On their website when they announced the changes they would be making, Holbrook also quoted Benjamin Franklin: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

In other words, the facility decided their best defense was a good offense, and fortunately their facility was already largely constructed for the very central purpose of maintaining the health of the community. And though a large factor in their unique vision has always been to foster intergenerational activities and to encourage frequent family visits, much of this had to be put on hold for a while. In any other adult community, such a quarantine could be increasingly worrisome.

Studies have shown that as people age, nothing actually kills quicker than loneliness.

Fortunately, Holbrook is built to be a community in and of itself: almost a miniature city of its own, if you will. They were able to keep residents engaged in building relationships while also keeping physical distance and wearing masks where applicable. The staff themselves also went through careful steps to prevent any outside contagions from threatening the tenants.

But the lingering threat of the virus brought to light another worry. Would anyone new want to move into Holbrook in the wake of a pandemic?


With a shutdown in place, and with the awareness that some citizens may continue to self-quarantine long after the city policy might lift, Holbrook needed a way to sell virtually and answer frequently-asked questions for potential customers.

Optimum Productions had just recommended to them a year prior that they should build a content library– and thankfully the Holbrook team had wholeheartedly agreed.

Even before the Decatur facility fully opened in 2019, Optimum was already collecting footage of the grounds and interviews with Holbrook partners like the spa specialist, matchmaker, and farm-to-table grocery provider. We sat down with residents who had already moved into the community and recorded testimonials about their experience there. The Holbrook team also sought out specialists in 3D photography and digital renderings, to create a click-and-drag experience where prospects can “walk” themselves through the facility and see its amenities from every angle!

Digital assets provide a long-distance option for prospects who can’t visit, but who want to educate themselves about what Holbrook has to offer. In fact, the online collection of sales enablement videos was completed and added onto the Holbrook website and social media channels just a handful of weeks before the pandemic arrived in the U.S.

In the wake of the shutdowns, Holbrook brought their content library into play as a way to digitize their sales process. Each video was part of walking potential residents through virtual tours of their properties and amenities.


There’s a real need to visit adult communities like Holbrook in person– because choosing such a facility is a much weightier decision than simply buying an expensive housing appliance.

As Holbrook Life has increased their online presence, their resident testimonials are by far the most popular three videos that they’ve shared– and the audience response has been far greater than they expected it to be in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, because they managed to pivot and adapt using digital assets, they’ve been able to thrive where others cannot.

A KPI for growth at Holbrook is looking at the number of future residents who put down non-refundable deposits to hold their condos/apartments.  From March – June, they closed over 60 deposits which represent over $250,000 in immediate revenue.  The future value of revenue is estimated to be over $6M.

Other facilities in the adult living industry aren’t growing or getting anywhere near these numbers when it comes to new clientele… even if some of them have somewhat unique value propositions like Holbrook.

In the end, Holbrook’s digital transformation was the deciding factor that has kept them going strong despite Covid-19. Any company can have a unique value proposition… but if you don’t have digital sales enablement content, then your message just won’t get in front of as many of the right people.

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