I don’t know if you have anyone in your family who likes to go hunting as a hobby – whether it’s with a rifle, a bow, or some other epic piece of hardware. You may even have the tradition of going out and shooting your own Thanksgiving turkey!

The only reason I got to be any good (and by “good” I mean marginally good) at marksmanship is because I learned early on to do this thing called “target practice”. You set a target, and you practice shooting it.

I bet you can see this next part coming: the same is true of your video campaigns. A lot of people don’t think about the success of their video until it’s all finished. You post it to your website, tweet about it, maybe send it out in a mass email to all your clients… but then you’re not sure what’s supposed to happen and you just hope for results that can be seen with the naked eye. But your products aren’t necessarily going to fly off the shelves the day after you publish that commercial. So, how can you tell whether the video project was even worth it?

This is a simple question you need to ask yourself before you start shooting: What is the goal of this video, and how will we measure it?”

Videos can be fun to make, but if you want them to be “successful” then you need to define “success.” Is your goal tied to revenues? View counts? Visits to your website? A certain percent-increase in customers?

If you ask yourself these kinds of questions before you start writing your script or rolling the camera, then you will definitely thank yourself later on. The process of making video is complicated enough already: the last thing you want to do is stop halfway through it – or worse, get all the way done – and then look around and say, “So what was the point of that, again?”

If you want to win a race, you need a finish line. If you want a prize, you need to take aim. Otherwise you’ll just miss every time, and waste precious (financial) ammunition doing it.

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